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Puppies, Spring 2022

Puppies expected Spring 2022

We will be breeding Quina in early 2022 with puppies expected in late spring!  Contact Us for more information!

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About Us

Big Sky Hovawarts is a dedicated steward of the Hovawart breed.  We became acquainted with the breed upon rescuing our first Hovie Foxy and fell in love with the breed immediately.  After speaking with German friends about the breed and with the Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA), we decided to breed our dogs in accordance with the principles  HCNA has adopted in the interest of optimizing and preserving the health and well-being of the Hovawart breed.


The Pack


Quina is our 5 year old female.  She has been a fantastic family dog for us and our extended family.  She's very active and is great with all the kids in the family AND the family cats!  We expect to breed her in early June, 2021 with puppies expected in August of 2021.  This will be her first litter.



Foxy is the honorary matriarch of our Hovie family, our first exposure to Hovawarts.  She passed a few years ago but is still in our hearts.


The Dude

The Dude was not a Hovie but he was part of the family.  There was no other name for this guy.  The Dude was every bit of his name and kept both Foxy and Quina busy in their time together!  His personality and persistence really kept the girls on their toes!


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